SOS Computer Skills
The SOS Computer Skills Program covers everything you need to know about your computer.  The program offers five separate modules: Computer Basics; Intro to Computer Privacy and Online Security; C# Fundamentals for Beginners; C# Fundamentals for Intermediates; C# Fundamentals for Advanced users. READ MORE >

SOS Foreign Languages Program
The SOS Foreign Language Program provides sessions in writing, reading, and conversation taught by native speakers who have been further schooled in language education. READ MORE >

SOS Homework Help
The SOS Homework Program builds independence in each student by knowing when to remove supports so the student then confidently demonstrates his or her own knowledge and ability. READ MORE >

SOS Math
The SOS Math Program is specific to the skills needed at the appropriate grade and clearly presents the techniques and reasoning required to solve problems. READ MORE >

SOS Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available in most subjects. We use GoToMeeting as our primary online training tool. Students must own a computer that meets the set requirements. READ MORE >

SOS Read
The SOS Reading Program provides the materials appropriate to the student’s needs at the time so as to build vocabulary and comprehension in multiple content areas. READ MORE >

SOS Study Skills
The SOS Study Skills Program helps the student study more effectively rather than for longer periods of time.   By focusing on the assignment and placing the material within READ MORE >

PSAT, SAT, and ACT Test Prep
The SOS Test Prep Program prepares your student for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, & ISEE. Test-taking strategies and content knowledge are specific to our familiarity with the test and the student. READ MORE >

SOS Write
The SOS Writing Program is designed to help students K through 12 perform at grade level while meeting immediate needs. READ MORE >

SOS No Stress
At Tutor Me SOS we recognize the prevalent experience of stress and anxiety, which impairs the well-being, attention, concentration, learning, and academic performance of our READ MORE >


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