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At Tutor Me SOS we recognize the prevalent experience of stress and anxiety, which impairs the well-being, attention, concentration, learning, and academic performance of our children. Therefore, in addition to test preparation, our focus and efforts include the building of self-esteem and confidence. The reduction of test anxiety is often as important as the academic piece for test performance.

We offer instruction in techniques to address:

  • racing and/or negative thoughts
  • difficulty concentrating
  • low energy
  • insomnia
  • change in appetite
  • tense muscles
  • nausea
  • faster heartbeat and breathing rate
  • headaches and stomach problems

The instructor for SOS “No Stress” has a Masters of Education with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling plus training in several meditation techniques.  He has tutored students from third grade through graduate school in academics, test prep, and competitive sports performance, plus mentored adults in various professions including the medical field.


SOS “No Stress”