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The SOS Writing Program is designed to help students K through 12 perform at grade level while meeting immediate needs.  The individual instruction allows for the most comprehensive assessment and guidance, so the student builds on his or her strengths and abilities.  This encourages confidence, so any gaps in performance are addressed in the naturally supportive process.

Tutor Me SOS adjusts its programs every year to align with school curriculums and state standards. Our workbooks correspond to the Common Core standards. These require narrative writing throughout the grades as well as a command of sequence and detail that are essential for effective writing.  The driving force of the writing standards is logical argument based on claims, solid reasoning, and relevant evidence.

Writing reflects one’s knowledge and personality in and out of school, work, and throughout life.  It offers a significant measure of achievement and desire, and it remains a powerful tool to create the individual impression that one presents to the world.

At Tutor Me SOS, students learn all steps of the writing experience from basic skills to college essays:


  • Grammar – parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives
  • Punctuation – periods, commas, semicolons, quotation marks, parentheses
  • Capitalization
  • Usage and Rules – word order, number, gender, modifying phrases and  clauses, sentence development in paragraphs to build meaning


  • Brainstorming, mapping, outlining
  • Organization of essay through creative and logical development of ideas
  • Relevance, purpose, focus
  • Topic sentences and transitions of paragraphs from introduction to conclusion
  • Elaboration, detail, tone, use of dialogue
  • Descriptive, argumentative, persuasive essay styles
  • Critiquing, editing, rewriting
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Monday - Saturday at 9:45 AM.

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